The social, economic and environmental can affect the development of the child in a positive or negative, such as the behavior of the small health, family life, and learning and socio-economic development among others.

There are also factors affecting the development of the language, such as lack of stimulation, delayed development of motor skills, lack of knowledge of communication, reduced hearing, and changes in the environment, exposure to different languagesand the anxiety.

child development

It is important that children have a healthy diet and balanced, which will have an influence both physically and psychologically, and a poor diet can cause negative effects on the child, so that there are some healthy eating habits at home, we must lead by example, for child development is positive.

The interaction with parents has a positive effect on the development, either by reading or different games, unlike what happens with parents who neglect their children, as it may hamper their development. In addition, children who are surrounded by a good learning environment, whether at home or in day care, have a positive effect on their development and children who are in a poor educational environment, are negatively affected their development.

It is important to socialize the child from an early age, since the lack of socialization can lead to the child having problems with speech or lack of communication with peers, which negatively affect their development, hence the social interaction takes particularly important, especially with his classmates, his neighbors, his family and other children, so that the development is positive.