The bathroom is one of the most delicate moments for parents and especially for the baby for the first time without their consent is experienced something traumatic situation with water and bath time in general.

Precisely because the bathroom habits should become a routine baby, parents should take care that bath time is always at the same time and the child begins to understand what is currently “complicated” for their.

Baby bath

The first thing to do before entering the baby in the bath water is warm, because the child should not experience large changes in temperature and it is important to take care of that aspect. Experts advise that the correct temperature is around 28 or 29 degrees, so that there is much difference in body temperature.

In addition to water must also be prepared other supplies necessary for the small bathroom, as the sponge or soap suitable for small skin. Besides, we must always establish a routine with bath, to create a habit in the little and begin to establish a special relationship between parent and child.

Once prepared everything, we must begin to bathe the baby’s head, taking it from behind for the child feel welcome, we take a little time but enough for the child to normal with the water.

After the head of small, delicate parts are the genitals and the vagina kids in them and that is the space where more bacteria can be generated. Anyway, if you apply a neutral gel for premature skins like the baby, care will be easier and you have no problem.

The ears, is also one of the most complex parts to clean the baby because you can put water and can even bothered. After the bath you have to dry them carefully. Finally we recommend that you apply a moisturizing lotion to pamper their skin.