For small successful in developing close ties with both parents is necessary for them to participate actively in its growth and evolution.

While it is true that during the first months of life will be more in touch with his mother, the parent should not feel excluded and may participate in different activities such as bathing, or rocking him to sleep.

Father with newborn

It is very important that the parent is present from conception. At this point, you can establish a strong bond. By a research carried out within a group of children, babies a year similarly protested the separation of father and mother. On the other hand, small 9 months or less only protested the separation of mom.

When parents were present, just over half of children looking for their mother, but showed almost half as much or more inclined towards his father. When a parent is present in the raising many positive effects occur in them, generating children independent, autonomous and creative. All this support allows children to address their problems better.

Within the education of children, the father and mother play different roles, but good communication between them will give you the necessary security to small, not forgetting that the responsibilities should be shared. When children are a little larger, an activity they enjoy parental love is reading, reading stories and help develop cognitive and verbal skills of the child.

As we told you a few lines ago, the baby can recognize the voice of the father and mother. It was learned that when the parent approaches the belly of the small, it accelerates the pace of his heart, so is the closest relationship. Parents should also not forget that during breastfeeding mothers are very tired, so an extra-small hand never hurts.