The phobias are a special form of fear that some people have, regardless of age, sex, race or social status. The word derives from the Greek phobos, name attributed to a god that caused fears and fears in people. Among its main features is the fact provoke overreaction to what are often situations that generate them.

Children may have phobias, which, we must be clear, are not inherited, but reaction from behaviors learned by circumstances that have experienced or learned. If you want to help them overcome some of these guidelines you may find useful:

Child phobias

  • There is no reasonable explanation, so do not look for theory, but try a gradual approach to the object that caused it. The child will not understand the reasons if no work experience in this regard.
  • No control over the situation as such. It appears the animal, for example, and can not control where it’s going to walk, jump or fly. This increases the terror. We recommend some that are made ​​of a glass bottle or in a cage. To which the child becomes familiar with his image and sound.  This is a process that can be very slow. It all depends on the reactions.

  • They can be divided into internal and external. The inmates have to do with inner fears, such as fear of becoming ill or dying and the external objects or animals such as scissors, frogs, cockroaches, spiders, dogs, etc. It is important to know if you think you will kill the spider or the spider is very dirty.
  • The psychotherapy is the best approach to combat because it works deep to the child’s mind. We must remember that your imagination is much more fantastic than ours and there are still mixtures of reality and fantasy. Consult a specialist is the best.
  • Avoid talking to others, especially in gatherings of friends or relatives about the child’s phobia.   This can result in a reinforcement of behavior and, worse, which other kids try to scare you on purpose to aggravate the situation.

In general terms, children tend to be very honest with this, because fear overcomes them and they can not endure the reactions they produce. Therefore, the importance must be given if required and to apply corrective measures as necessary.